Modern Wedding Book
by Anna Maslennikova
The best advice on planning, organizing and decorating a wedding
in the most useful book about organizing a modern wedding!
Wedding book!
Large format!
More than 300 pages!
Bright photos!
Modern Wedding Book
by Anna Maslennikova

Fifth Rome Publishing™ (Moscow) announced the release of the first original Russian-language book about organizing a modern wedding in Russia.

This is the first book about modern weddings in Russia and is a completely original publication.

The book reveals all the main stages and processes of planning and organizing a modern wedding.

More than 300 pages in a large format book are accompanied by vivid photographs and useful recommendations for planning and organizing a wedding.
Modern Wedding Book by Anna Maslennikova
Your modern wedding, with its special moments, goals and nuances, will become not just a dream, but a reality with planning advice and need-to-know info from this book! Choosing and buying a wedding dress and accessories, selecting a dress code for guests, hiring a wedding planner, event designer and other vendors, compiling a wedding menu, setting up an outdoor ceremony, planning a wedding photo shoot and much more - all this will be easy for you with this book!
Choosing your wedding location
Several chapters of the book cover the process of choosing a perfect venue for ceremony and reception. In addition, you can find advice of how to choose the right locations for wedding photoshoot, bride and groom gatherings and how to make your wedding as comfortable and convenient as possible for your guests!
  • How to choose a venue for a wedding reception?
  • How to choose a perfect place for wedding ceremony?
  • How to choose a venue for the gathering of the bride and groom?
  • How to choose a place for a photo session?
  • Where to arrange a vacation for two?
  • And much more...
Wedding design
How to design the wedding of your dreams? What palette to choose and how to ensure that wedding florists and decorators will bring to life everything you want?
  • How to choose an event designer?
  • How to choose a wedding bouquet that matches your wedding dress?
  • How to design your ceremony and reception with flowers and decorations?
  • How to choose the wedding theme if needed?
  • And much more...
Planning and organizing a wedding
Organizing a wedding on your own can be an exciting and challenging process at the same time! But what if you entrust the planning of your wedding to professionals?
  • What are the stages of a wedding day?
  • How to make a guest list?
  • How to plan a wedding budget?
  • How to choose the right wedding vendors?
  • How to make a wedding menu and calculate drinks?
  • And much more...
What should your wedding be like? Do you imagine a cozy evening with family and friends or a large-scale celebration with a large number of guests? Whatever wedding you dream of, it simply must be perfectly planned!
Modern Wedding book
Anna Maslennikova
Anton Merkulov
Vladimir Petrov
Alexander Santi
Stanislav Maun
Natalya Obukhova
Sergei Zinchenko
Louise Smirnova
Zakhar Goncharov
Misha Kors
Alexander Alexandrov
Evgenia Kushnerik
Mikhail Balygin
Alena Plaks
Konstantin Tarasenko
Elena Dvornikova
Sasha Dzyubchuk
Anastasia Bryukhanova
Sergey Rzhevsky
Marina Santi
Anton Tyurin
Elena Feli
Irina Goncharova
Anastasia Vlasova
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